Meet the team

HEAD COACH Before starting CrossFit Luke trained in Mixed Martial Arts. He did this just as a way to keep in shape but never really reached his true fitness potential. He was then introduced to CrossFit and instantly a connection was made. He is a CF-L3 Certified CrossFit Trainer, CrossFit […]

Luke Andrew (Shortz)

Coach AJ has always had a passion for fitness with bundles of energy. Representing his school in football, hockey, athletics etc but it wasn’t until university that he started to specialise in Rugby. AJ played 1st XV Rugby for USW in BUCS Prem A and played Semi Pro for both […]

AJ Jackson

Intern Miles is the youngest member of the team but that does not stop him from being a valued member of our community, he is working towards becoming a coach at our facility. Outside of the gym Miles has been playing Rugby since he was 5 years old and played […]

Miles Rendell

Intern Jess has worked in sports travel for 9 years and been involved with international sports tours. Jess has been training and competing in Olympic weightlifting for 6 years. She placed 3rd in the 2019 English Championships, taking the bronze medal and 2nd in the South West British Open 2020. […]

Jess Tea

Tom is a qualified PE Teacher and currently a rugby coach. After graduating Cardiff Met uni he played rugby and used fitness and training to continue playing rugby. He found CrossFit in 2020 after seeing videos of the elite athletes competing and from that day he absolutely loved it. Even […]