A guide to outdoor training

What to expect and do when attending a FlowState Outdoor CrossFit Session

The main difference to expect is a new kit grab and kit drop. At various points throughout the session you’ll be required to grab the piece of kit you need for the warm up, drill, WOD or accessory work. Then when not needed to return it. This means when you look at your station you only ever have what you need for that particular section. During the WOD your PVC pipe from the warm up won’t be out and in the way.

I’ll detail Monday’s session as an example:

Park outside our gate on the main estate

Walk to a station in the carpark (a space you are comfortable with)
Say “hey” to your buddies and have a little catch up

Trainer on duty will brief the WOD
Trainer on duty will lead the Warm Up
Then you will get your skipping ropes from your bag or wherever it is
KIT GRAB – as per below procedure you’ll collect your KB for the WOD
Toilet Break
Trainer will lead a KB Swing progression

KIT DROP – as per procedure below you’ll clean and return the KB

Stretch, socially distanced High Five and chill


Enter via single door
Walk the floor to the equipment room
Select the item needed
Exit via the double doors
Return to station

Enter via single door
Walk the floor to the cleaning box
Grab a spray bottle and cloth
Spray cleaner onto the cloth (not the equipment)
Clean the kit used
Put cloth in the yellow sterilising bucket
Drop kit off in the equipment room
Exit via the double doors
Return to station

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