Membership Options:

Basic 3 – £70 a month – 3x sessions per week

Standard 5 – £80 a month – 5x sessions per week

Premium – £90 a month – unlimited sessions per week and open gym

To join please click the button below and register via TeamUp who manage our direct debits, class bookings and memberships.

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Drop in or additional CrossFit classes – £8

Move classes – £5

Punchcard – £70 – 10x session (valid for 60 days from date of purchase)

We love to meet visiting athletes and encourage people to come and train with us. If you are sticking around a little longer then memberships are not tied in so you can purchase one months membership or we can work something out pro-rata for a week or 2.

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PT Sessions:

Individual sessions – £40 per hour

Bulk Sessions (10x 1 hour) – £350

Small Group – number dependent

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